Our lab engages in a number of activities that include basic and applied research surrounding the topic of the nature and treatment of anxiety and depressive disorders.

Dr. Michelle Newman's research focuses on the nature and treatment of anxiety disorders. She is examining the etiology and classification, individual predictors of psychotherapy outcome, and impact of brief psychotherapy with respect to social phobia, panic disorder, generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), and trauma. Dr. Newman is also conducting several basic experimental studies examining underlying processes related to these disorders. Further, she is examining issues relevant to health implications of anxiety disorders. Current research projects include an integrative therapy for GAD (examining the addition of interpersonal and experiential therapies to cognitive behavioral therapy); evaluation of technologically driven mobile momentary interventions in the U.S. and India; assessment and classification of anxiety disorders and mood disorders; momentary assessment of symptoms and emotion in anxiety disorders; examination of the impact of psychotherapy beyond the targeted symptoms of a particular disorder; mediators and moderators of psychotherapy; emotion regulation in anxiety disorders and its relationship to therapeutic mechanisms; dysfunctional interpersonal styles in anxiety disorders.


April 2019 - Kay Shin recently published a first-authored paper (co-authored with Dr. Newman) in the Journal of Anxiety Disorders! 
April 2019 - Hani Zainal won the Best Paper by Clinical Student, Departmental Honorable Mention/Runner-up, and RGSO Dissertation Award!
April 2019 - Kay Shin and Hani Zainal won the Superior Teaching and Research (STAR) Award!
April 2019 - Dr. Newman was featured in Time Magazine!
March 2019 - Dr. Newman won the CLA Raymond Lombra Award for Distinction in the Social or Life Sciences!
March 2019 - Luc Lafraniere won the Graduate School Harold F. Martin Graduate Assistant Outstanding Teaching Award!
March 2019 - Dr. Newman was featured in P&T Community March and Washington University news release!
February 2019 - Dr. Newman won the Toy Caldwell-Colbert Award for Distinguished Educator in Clinical Psychology from American Psychological Association Society of Clinical Psychology (Division 12)!
February 2019 - Hani Zainal recently published a first-authored paper (co-authored with Dr. Newman) in the Journal of Abnormal Psychology!
January 2019 - Dr. Newman was featured in TechTrends!
November 2018 - Dr. Newman just published a first-authored paper (co-authored with Nick Jacbson, Hani Zainal, Kay Shin, Lauren Szkodny, & Dr. Martin Sliwinski) in Clinical Psychological Science!
August 2018 - Luc Lafraniere recently published a first-authored paper (co-authored with Dr. Newman) in Clinical Psychological Science!
August 2018 - Dr. Newman was featured in Vice Mental Health!
August 2018 - Dr. Newman was featured in Washington Post!
August 2018 - Dr. Newman was featured in AccuWeather!
July 2018 - Dr. Newman was featured in Time Magazine on depression, special Mental Health Issue July 23, 2018
May 2018 - Dr. Newman was awarded the 2018 ABCT Outstanding Service Award
May 2018 - Nick Jacobson won the FABBS (Federation of Associations in Behavioral and Brain Sciences) Doctoral Dissertation Research Excellence Award!
April 2018 - Dr. Newman recently published a first-authored paper in the Journal of Anxiety Disorders!
April 2018 - Nick Jacobson won the CLA Best Psychology Department Paper Award!
April 2018 - Kay Shin won the CLA Best Clinical Paper Award and the RGSO Dissertation Award!
April 2018 - Luc LaFraniere won the College of the Liberal Arts (CLA) Outstanding Teaching Award and Superior Teaching and Research (STAR) Award!
April 2018 - Congratulations to 7 of our research assistants - Chris Kim, Genevieve Stafford, Emily Diehl, Jessica Miller, Grant Smyth, Sandy Liu, and Jenelle Richards! They successfully gained admission into post-graduate and medical schools! See the People section for more details! 
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